OneCard Credit Card Repayments Details

OneCard Credit Card Repayments

OneCard Credit Card

What is OneCard Credit Card bill cycle?

Your OneCard's billing cycle includes all purchases made from the 20th of a month till the 19th of the next month. The due date to make your repayments of the previous month will be on the 18th day from the 20th of last month based on the days of a month i.e, 6th or 7th of the next month.

For example, Your May month bill will be generated on 20th May and will consist of all the purchases made by you from 20th Apr till 19th May. The due date to make your repayment for the bill of May will be 6th June.

What is the last date to make repayment?

The due date will be on the 18th day from the bill generation. Your bill will be generated on 20th of every month and your due date will be on 6th of the next month for a month of 31 days and due date will be 7th of the next month for a month of 30 days.

For example, The due date to make your repayment towards the bill generated on 20th May will be 6th June.

In case you are making repayments from a third-party app, request you to make them 2-3 days before the due date to avoid delay in settlement of OneCard bill repayment and late payment charges.

Where can I check my monthly statement?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to check your bill statement -

  1. Go to the app homepage
  2. Click on View Details
  3. Click on View/Download PDF

If you want to check previous statements, you can click on View Previous Statements tab to check previous bill statements.

How to do OneCard repayment?

Please follow below mentioned steps to Pay your credit card bill -

  • Click on Pay Now, on app homepage
  • Select the amount Or enter the amount to pay
  • Choose UPI/Debit Card/Netbanking and complete the payment.

What are the modes for OneCard repayment?

Currently, we are offering 3 modes of repayment -

Debit Card.

You can make a repayment by clicking on the Pay Now button on the dashboard

How does OneCard calculate late payment charges?

Late Payment Fee is charged when there has been no payment or a payment less than the Minimum Amount Due (MAD) is received by the Payment Due Date, i.e., within 18 days of statement generation.

Late Payment Fee for OneCard is 2.5% of the Total Amount Due (Maximum ₹1,000). You can easily avoid these charges by repaying the Total Amount Due or Minimum Amount Due before the due date.

For example, if the Total Amount Due is ₹5,000 on 1st November and the Payment Due Date is 18th November 2020, and for some reason, you are unable to pay the MAD by the 18th November, we will charge you with a Late Payment Fee @ 2.5% on ₹5000 = ₹125 on the due date of next month's bill.

What are the late payment charges for OneCard?

Late Payment Charges at OneCard are 2.5% of the total amount due. You can easily avoid these charges by repaying the total amount due or minimum amount due before the due date.

What is 2.5% interest rate?

In case the Total Amount Due (TAD) is not cleared by you before the due date, an interest rate @ 2.5% is charged on the unpaid or outstanding amount.

What is forex markup fee?

Forex markup is the foreign currency markup fee which is charged when you make an international transaction through OneCard. Forex markup fee for OneCard is 1% + GST

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